Barboom, Yalıkavak

Who doesn’t want a delicious al fresco dinner accompanied by a breathtaking view? Date night or not, especially while on vacation we feel entitled to something extra that comes with the meal. Several restaurateurs in Bodrum understand that very well; the owners personally attend to the tables, welcome the guests, and make sure everyone leaves satisfied. There are occasions, however, when we still hope for more: a location so picturesque that even an amateur photo taken there and shared on social media could easily make others jealous. That place is Barboom, the spot to watch the sunset in Yalıkavak.

The dining order at Barboom is the same as in any other traditional fish restaurant: a selection of mezze on a tray is followed by hot starters and a fish serving of your choice. With a name playfully referring to the local fish delicacy, rumor has it Barboom’s barbun (red mullet) is particularly worthy of your attention.

The enjoyment of delicious food and a full stocked bar is heightened by Barboom’s ambience, with a deck that extends into the water, so that you are surrounded by gently lapping waves. When the sun sets below a distant mountain, there are few more beautiful—or popular—places to be. The restaurant is only open in the summer, reservations are highly recommended.

Open daily, 9am-midnight.

Aşağı Mahallesi, Şendoğan Caddesi, No 15, Yalıkavak; T: (0537) 208 72 14

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