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Mausoleum of Halicarnasus

A fantastic Mediterranean climate, the beautiful sea, and a relaxing atmosphere are only a few of the reasons why people flock to Bodrum to escape the city heat. If you need a change from lounging in the sun along the shore, there are still plenty of things to do, such as wandering the fascinating historical sites on the mainland. If you are up for some sightseeing, take a look at the places to visit listed below. We would suggest late spring and early fall to avoid the burning sun.

Castle of St. Peter

Bodrum KalesiAlso known as Bodrum Castle, this impressive castle’s construction began in 1402 by the Knights of Hospitaller as a defense against the Seljuks and underwent alterations and reinforcements over the last 600 years. Bodrum

Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology

Housed in the Castle of St. Peter, this is an excellent and extensive museum with one of the largest collections of amphorae in the world. It is the largest museum devoted to underwater archeology, with artifacts from ancient Greek, Roman, and Ottoman shipwrecks. Bodrum; P:(0252) 316 25 16

The new Bodrum Maritime Museum

Here, you can learn all about the peninsula’s nautical history. It also has detailed scale models of boats. Çarşı Mahalesi Eski Bedesten Binası, Bodrum; T:(0252) 316 33 10


Located on a steep mountain road, this was a sacred site for both the Carians and Mysians in antiquity, and the remnants of many civilizations that lived here are still visible. Located in the hills of Milas

The Mausoleum

Mausoleum of Halicarnasus

Dating to the eleventh century BCE, the Tomb of Mausolus, also known as the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. While little of the original site remains, its pleasant garden is still worth a visit. Turgusteis Caddesi, Bodrum


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Originally an island and now connected to the mainland, you can see ruins dating back to the Bronze Age Carians here. Excavations have even found ruins going as far back as the Minoans. Amid all of this history you can also enjoy a delightful seafood lunch. Located near the Bodrum-Milas airport

Lake Bafa Nature Park

Once a harbor town and today a lake, Bafa is home to hundreds of species of birds. The area’s natural beauty makes it a great place to visit. Located about 80 kilometers north of Bodrum

The partially submerged ancient city of Myndos

Off the coast of Gümüşlük, this site makes for some good light trekking after a seafood lunch. Founded by Dorians, a suspected earthquake caused the seafront portions of the city to sink into the sea. Gümüşlük


The earliest inscription found at the ruins of the world-famous Temple of Apollo dates to 600 BCE. This was also the location of the second-most renowned oracle in the Hellenic world after Delphi. Located near Aydın


Marvel at the 15,000-seat theater dating from 100 CE, as well as the Baths of Faustina, where you can see the roots of the modern Turkish hammam. The ancient city has a storied history and was the hometown of the architect of Hagia Sophia and on of the Seven Sages of Greece, Isidore of Miletus and Thales (c. 624 BCE).


One of the most important ancient cities in the region, the columns of the second century BCE Temple of Zeus are still standing. It is the best-preserved classical temple in all of Turkey. There are also Carian rock-cut tombs nearby. Milas

Old Windmills

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Bodrum hills
Bodrum Hills

The old windmills that dot the landscape around Yalıkavak are a glimpse into past ways of life and industry of the region. They make for a lovely sightseeing excursion. Yalıkavak

The side streets of old Bodrum

Sometimes the best thing to do is forego the lists of places to visit and discover all of the hidden historical and cultural treasures Bodrum has on offer on your own. Bodrum

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