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Ask a yacht broker about the ratio of sales of motor yachts to gulets or sailing yachts, and you will most likely hear this answer: “Powerboats, motor yachts are without a doubt the main sellers and the majority of the boats available, not just on the Turkish coast but all around the world,” Sinan Paul Suleiman of the Fraser Yacht Bodrum office at Milta Marina told The Guide Bodrum.

David Özgündüz loves his life as a traveler and as the owner of an 11 meter motor yacht which is kept moored in D-Marin, Turgutreis where he has his home and business. Therefore, he has use of his boat for approximately eight months of the year which is quite a lot of enjoyment. It is also quite a high-powered motor yacht for its size. Two 200 horsepower engines give it speeds up to 17 miles per hour and class it as a speedboat. Özgündüz is regularly motoring along the coast or checking out from the Turgutreis customs port to motor over to Kalymnos and other Greek islands. While he has sailed before and enjoyed it, Özgündüz says, “Boating is a case of needs and wants, and how much time you have. Sailing takes more time, and if owning a sailboat for the longer term, it is a more pragmatic, economical decision rather than owning a powerboat.”

Powerboats are, of course, about speed and power. For those who simply do not want to sail but would rather be on the water, powerboats are the choice. It is also simpler to be owner-captain of a small-medium powerboat, or to hire a captain to prepare the boat in order to actually get out and about around the coast.

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According to Özgündüz, “Powerboat ownership is a lifestyle choice, so buying is guided by what the prospective owner wants out of the boat. Is it high performance for daily use or for cruising and how far? How much use is planned for the boat, and how much accommodation is required? If extended stays aboard are planned, then cabin size and fittings are a major consideration. Will the owner and guests be entertaining aboard? Do they want a fly bridge? What luxury touches do they want on board, and how many crew?”

Azimut 72 Flybridge

Özgündüz recommends that the prospective owner of a powerboat must consider the financial aspects, and so have to start with the idea of not only how much they want to spend, but how much to maintain the powerboat for its life. There is the question of depreciation of value, much like a car, so the place to start is whether to buy new or secondhand. However the car analogy stops there. He says: “Boats are far more complicated than cars to run, and so much more can go wrong with so many different mechanical and electrical systems included in the boat, plus the fresh water and wastewater systems. There are also the regulations to consider. Many are applied under the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Some of the main rules concern the universal duty of keeping the seas clean, by not littering or dumping wastewater in the sea. The IMO rule forbids dumping of wastewater within three kilometers of the coastline, any coastline, which makes it imperative for boats from Bodrum sailing into the Aegean to have waste systems installed and to use the registered discharge points.”

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In Turkey, a Mavi Kart (Blue Card) system is in place and required on every motored boat. It is installed to monitor the proper disposal of the yacht’s wastewater or the “black water” at Marinas and public harbors. Boats are checked, as recently proven by a 12,000 TL fine imposed by the coastguard on a boat found cruising off from Turgutreis without a Blue Card.

Özgündüz believes that one of the limits of ownership of powerboats on the Bodrum peninsula is the limited number of berths available in the local marinas. There is great demand, which also results in prices being driven up. However, it is possible to negotiate long-term yearly contracts for berths after the first year of berth rental.

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