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Unlike many Turkish celebrity pitmasters, Halil Fikir usta doesn’t slice the air with a sharp fileto knife, nor does he throw salt in an exaggerated fashion all over his kitchen, yet he’s probably the best known specialist in his field in Bodrum. After six seasons in the area, and more than three decades of pit experience, in fall 2017 he transferred from Bodrum marina to the cruise port, signing off on a waterfront restaurant.

Opening a new place in a resort town at the end of the summer season sends a clear message to potential customers: if you’re in Bodrum when everyone else has gone, this is the place for you. Long tables, booked well in advance, confirm this theory: locals come here to spend time with their families, friends, colleagues, and neighbors—often in groups of no less than a dozen.

There is no menu, and you’re expected to follow your server’s lead. A selection of cold and hot mezze of your choice is followed by a sequence of meat dishes: çöp and ciğer şiş (meat and liver skewers) to be eaten all at once, spicy Adana kebap, lamb chops, and ribs. Feel free to say “stop” once you’re full!

The menu offerings, and the meat in particular, stand out in terms of quality. And so does the service; since the majority of diners are local, and rumors travel fast in Bodrum, there is no room for error. You are likely to appreciate the other details that make the place an instant favorite: its central location inside the cruise port in the heart of Bodrum, a bar in case you’re dropping by just to enjoy the ambience, and a warm and homey atmosphere to be enjoyed with a glass of rakı in hand.

Open daily from 2pm.

Kumbahçe Mahallesi, Bodrum Cruise Port No.15, Bodrum; T: 0530 954 27 27

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