Meşhur Kuru Fasulyeci Hüseyin Amca’nın Yeri, Bodrum

Meşhur Kuru Fasulyeci Hüseyin Amca'nın Yeri

In Ortakent, everyone knows Hüseyin Amca (uncle), and meşhur (famous) wasn’t added to the name of his place by coincidence. Since 1955, this little esnaf lokantası (tradesman’s restaurant) has become a true destination diner, proving that making one thing right is reason alone for customers to come back time and again.

Here, you won’t have any trouble deciding what to eat. The choice is simple: tas kebabı (meat stew) for carnivores or kuru fasulye (stewed white beans) for everyone. Add pilav on the side and top it all with cacık. The cooling yogurt ideally replaces soup on hot summer days. This is how ultimate comfort food is served.

Although Hüseyin Amca’s family members do the serving these days, patron keeps an eye on the place from a table by the door. It is his place, after all.

Open Mon-Sun 8am-9pm. Ortakent Mahallesi, Cumhuriyet Caddesi, No. 110/B, Bodrum; T: (0252) 358 51 29

Meşhur Kuru Fasulyeci Hüseyin Amca'nın Yeri

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