Midye7, Yalıkavak

Tired of making everyday choices, we tend to love places which tell us what they’re good at, keeping the agonising over what to order to a minimum. If you agree, you’ll love Midye7 in Yalıkavak—it’s quite simple, you’re there to eat mussels.

That’s not to say that you won’t have to make some decisions among the delicious options offered up by the menu. Understanding an ingredient, and being able to cook it in a variety of ways, is a key to success in any kitchen.

If you’re used to having your mussels served the Turkish way, as midye tava and midye dolma, you won’t be disappointed. Comfort-food lovers will be pleased to see a selection of pasta-based mussel plates. If you’re up for something different, a selection of moules frites in fragrant broths (vegetable, mushroom, or curry, to name a few) is what you should go for. Add crispy fries on the side and a cold beer into the mix and you have a recipe for delicious light summer meal.

Open 8.30am-midnight.

Özkan Sokak, Ekrem Önal İş Merkezi, Yalıkavak; T: 0533 221 05 20

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