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Still thinking of what to eat to complete your perfect holiday? Check out the new restaurant openings and try these new tastes in Bodrum!

Pizzeria Luca

An Italian chef Luca Chessa and his Turkish partner Şule Aslantürk have opened up a place in the heart of Umurça neighborhood that might be exactly what Bodrum was waiting for. Serving the world’s favorite comfort food (pizza!) in a nostalgic old stone house seems like the perfect combination to appeal to those on vacation and locals who simply want to unwind after a busy day at work.

The location is one of restaurant’s biggest draws, with a spacious Italian-style garden. Named after the chef himself, the restaurant stays true to its roots in its menu as well. The finest selection of Neapolitan flavors, created from original, Italian-sourced ingredients, and the Italian music playing softly in the background gives it an authentic ambience. The menu offers classic starters, such as bruschetta, and an almost infinite range of pizza varieties from all-cheese and all-veggie options to those topped with imported delicacies like prosciutto. Şule Aslantürk makes a mark for herself through the desserts, with chocolate cheesecake among the highest in demand.

The owner’s enthusiasm for their new venture is contagious, so the place can expect many hungry visitors this summer. There are only 12 tables in total, therefore dinnertime reservations are highly recommended.

Open Tuesdays-Sundays 12.30pm-11pm. Umurça Mahallesi, Mandalin Sokak No.1, Bodrum; T: 0531 910 82 36


Tired of making everyday choices, we tend to love places which tell us what they’re good at, keeping the agonising over what to order to a minimum. If you agree, you’ll love Midye7 in Yalıkavak—it’s quite simple, you’re there to eat mussels.

That’s not to say that you won’t have to make some decisions among the delicious options offered up by the menu. Understanding an ingredient, and being able to cook it in a variety of ways, is a key to success in any kitchen.

If you’re used to having your mussels served the Turkish way, as midye tava and midye dolma, you won’t be disappointed. Comfort-food lovers will be pleased to see a selection of pasta-based mussel plates. If you’re up for something different, a selection of moules frites in fragrant broths (vegetable, mushroom, or curry, to name a few) is what you should go for. Add crispy fries on the side and a cold beer into the mix and you have a recipe for delicious light summer meal.

Open 8.30am-midnight. Özkan Sokak, Ekrem Önal İş Merkezi, Yalıkavak; T: 0533 221 05 20

Adalı Kafe&Bar

Breakfast-serving neighbors in Yalıkavak must have gotten really jealous when it turned out that Adalı Kafea recently opened spot on top of the hill, just off the road to Gümüşlükhas a better view than most of them. Since many breakfast-serving places around Yalıkavak, including Gökçebel and Tilkicik, are already known for their simple yet quality fare, the location might be the one thing that turns the decision-making process from ‘difficult’ to ‘no-brainer’. If that’s the case, Adalı might already be the victor.

Dining tables set up in a large garden are overlooking the seathe source of a cooling breeze make for delight get-togethers in the summer. A standard breakfast spread includes greens from the cafe’s garden, various jams, olives, and cheeses that fill up the table next to eggs, butter, bread, and a pot of Turkish tea. In the afternoon there is more to choose from as the kitchen cooks up a different type of feast that includes juicy burgers or tiny mantı dumplings. Yet, if an all-day breakfast is an option, what better time to take advantage of it than on vacation.

Open Mon-Sat, 8am-midnight. Erdemil Caddesi No.54, Yalıkavak; T: 0546 469 19 73


Every season in Bodrum comes with one eagerly-awaited new opening that’s talked about more than others. In 2018 that is Dramalı in Bitez, a place that— thanks to flattering word of mouth—has already become a must-visit. The brainchild of Mustafa Ataman, the place is a family-operated business aspiring to become a favorite address for Ortakent locals, and even though the neighborhood has plenty of dining options, it seems that Dramalı’s concept is what’s been missing.

With a combined indoor and outdoor capacity of 120 people, Dramalı is up for big things. However, the available space is not intimidating; on the contrary, it is all about comfort and privacy. A stage in the heart of the spacious garden hosts live jazz performances almost every night during the summer (check social media channels for details), and the ‘no kids’ policy ensures that your comfort stays intact the entire time.

The ambience isn’t the only captivating aspect of the place. High-quality meat cuts are the highlight of the menu, including entrecôte Café de Paris which is made according to the original recipe. To benefit from the full range on offer you might want to make a dinner reservation since many dishes are prepared only for the evening. All that goes well with an extensive wine selection, and topped off with delicious desserts by M.O.S. (Museum of Sweets) pastry shop in Gümüşlük.

Open daily 10am-11.30pm. Oyder Caddesi, Bahçe Sokak No.11, Ortakent; T: (0252) 348 35 34

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