Sianji Wellbeing Resort

What do we seek when we go on vacation? Adventures, new experiences, relaxation, or something different altogether? All good vacations, no matter their duration, have one thing in common: they rejuvenate us by carrying us away from our everyday routines. The Sianji Wellbeing Resort in Bodrum, a luxurious complex by the Aegean sea, combines premium spa and wellbeing services with top-notch accommodation, and it has dedicated all its efforts to maximizing and enhancing this rejuvenating effect, not only during summer but all year round.

Guests at the resort can benefit from world-class detox programs offered by the 3,000-square-meter large, state-of-the-art Muu SPA & Sianji Life Wellbeing Center. Stay in one of their comfortable villas or suites and refresh your exhausted body and mind with one of Sianji’s ultra-healthy and highly effective cleanses, diets, or exercise programs. From Master Detox to Raw Food Detox and the 80/20 Alkaline Diet, each program combines carefully chosen treatments and therapies designed to diagnose and complete each guest’s individual needs. The center currently has as many as seven awards under its belt.

But why spend your holiday doing a detox? It is believed that most diseases begin with an accumulation of toxins and imbalanced physical energy, which results in a general lack of vitality. Even one juice fasting day per week can release the flow of blocked energy from the physical plane to infuse and strengthen your mind and spirit. Throughout history, people all over the world have successfully implemented fasting into their lives in order to speed up healing processes and brighten their minds.

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While fasting, the traditional ‘nutritional properties’ of food, such as calories, protein, carbohydrates and fats, are avoided and replaced with the positive life-giving properties of freshly squeezed juices, rich in enzymes, alkaline minerals, and electrolytes. Research indicates that green drinks should be the primary drinks during fasting for optimum results. Lemon water, watermelon, or cucumber juice, herbal teas, wheatgrass juice and small amounts of diluted, freshly squeezed fruit juices are also beneficial.

Sianji Wellbeing Resort

After a segmental body analysis and consultation with a dietician or detox expert, guests are introduced to the concepts of healthy living that Sianji’s programs are based upon. During each program, the guest is given free access to unlimited supplies of healthy detox soup, refreshing herbal teas, and special pH 10 water, as well as the center’s gym, steam room, sauna, indoor and outdoor pools, Turkish Bath, outdoor sports facilities, and Activity Program classes led by professional fitness instructors.

The Master Detox, a juice fasting program, cleanses the body and renews the organs with a diet of green juices and special supplements. The Raw Food Detox program provides the body with maximum energy through a healthy diet of raw, plant-based nutrition and juice blends. For those looking to build their health without completely changing their eating habits, the 80/20 Alkaline Diet program supports the body’s alkaline supplies with a ratio of 80% alkaline and 20% acidic foods, including animal proteins.

Sianji’s additional spa packages and comprehensive wellbeing services allow each guest to put together an exclusive tailor-made detox experience that is guaranteed to last. Turgurteis; T: (0252) 382 82 17;