For sunset lovers: best food and entertainment places
Check out our new favorite places to watch the sunset in Bodrum, where you can also enjoy food, drinks, and entertainments.

Used to the routine on a daily basis, Bodrum residents simply enjoy the sunset wherever it finds them. But for summer visitors, that special moment at the end of the day is worth making plans around. Although the list of so-called “best sunset places” seems to include the same names for almost a decade, we decided to go against the current and compile a subjective list of spots that have stolen our hearts this season.

Trattoria La Scarpetta

Known to Istanbul residents as one of the city’s primary destinations for authentic Italian food, Trattoria La Scarpetta welcomes its first season in Bodrum in 2019. For the ultimate sunset seekers, the restaurant’s Turgutreis location is like the front row to a sold out show. With an unobstructed view of the sea from the rooftop of the Swissotel Resort Bodrum Beach, the restaurant offers a sunset spectacle led by the last rays of daylight peeking out between the clouds and the contours of the Greek islands on the horizon.

Eklisia Lounge

Eklisia Lounge is where the Gümüşlük crowd enjoys live music in an open air setting. Here, the sun goes down right by the stage, so you don’t have to decide which show to watch as part of a well-thought out evening entertainment plan. If you’re lucky, on your special evening you might find the four-centuries-old chapel in the garden open for visitors.


There are several restaurants at Yalıkavak Marina, where sunset dinners are an option, but there is only one Zuma. This uber-glamorous spot on the western tip of the marina is where the fabulous (and often famous) holidaymakers and yacht owners like to unwind, toasting by the infinity pool as the day turns to night.

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Churchill Roof

Churchill Roof

Churchill has been one of those multi-level locations in Bodrum, where no matter how much extra space is being added to the square footage, it never seemed enough. Operating as three separate venues under one brand, it rarely closes its doors for more than a few hours. Churchill Roof is where the magic happens at the end of the day; think breezy terrace overlooking the historic part of town and your perfect Instagram frames with Bodrum Castle, for added effect.


Since its opening in Istanbul, Kavanoz in Arnavutköy has been attracting everyone with its addictive vibe of nonchalance and secrecy. Having transferred the concept to Yalıkavak in 2018, it settled in the perfect location to thrive during the summer, slightly secluded in the heart of a residential area. If you’ve been a fan, you’ll like this seasonal address as well.  Checking all the important boxes plus the sunset, Kavanoz plays host to a setting you could never even dream of in the city.


Barboom must have been designed with the most beautiful sunsets in mind. Taking advantage of the open sea in front of it, the restaurant turned it into its dining area. Tables on the jetty have unobstructed views of the show, which you can enjoy alongside Aegean mezze and a glass of rakı or cool wine. Can it get any more romantic?