Life’s a beach: how to find the perfect one around Bodrum
Beach lovers are spoiled for choice on the peninsula. The Guide Bodrum breaks down the options to help find the best one for you.

Public beaches

Why go: It’s free! A Blue Flag status indicates high water quality and safety, including for children. Most public beaches have free sunbeds, umbrellas, toilets, showers, and changing rooms.

What to consider: The space is often limited and your neighbors won’t always take your personal boundaries into consideration. You have to get in early to grab the best spot.

  • Public beach in Gündoğan, which is a winner both in terms of its size (300 meters wide) and overall ambience. The centrally located sandy beach is just a stone’s throw from places to eat, drink, enjoy watersports, and hang out in the evening. It is also easily accessible by public transport and by car, with parking places (for a fee) nearby.
  • Sandy public beach in Ortakent, which is also the breeziest, isn’t probably the first choice for swimming enthusiasts. But the high waves and direct exposure to wind make it a great place to chill on the hottest of summer days.
  • Public beach in Turgutreis, which is also the only one on the list with a ramp for wheelchairs and accessible toilet (the beach underwent major reconstruction this season and the work had not been completed when this issue went to print).
  • Centrally located public beach in Kumbahçe neighborhood of Bodrum is also the place where childhood memories of many locals were created. If you don’t mind the pebbles and limited privacy, this location is always an option.  
  • As most of the coastline in Gümüşlük has been gradually taken up by various developments, it’s great to know that there is still somewhere to be enjoyed free of charge. Reflecting the neighborhood’s relaxed vibe, the place is just a short walk from all the local spots you love.
  • Off the beaten path is Küdür public beach, probably the most picturesque public beach on the peninsula. Although not the easiest to reach in terms of transportation, it is worth of the bumpy car ride along the Yalıkavak coast. Keep in mind that the attached picnic area attracts visitors who like to barbecue on the premises.

Private beaches, beach clubs, & villages

Why go: The whole operation is centered around the beach, so many places offer services that are a nice added bonus, such as sunglasses cleaning or sunscreen application.

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What to consider: There is an entrance fee which covers the sunbed rental, and usually from there everything else is charged extra. Bringing your own food on the premises is not allowed, so make sure to research what kind of food and drinks are available, and the type of music played.

  • Including a restaurant, a bar, wellness center, and even a recording studio, Xuma Village makes sure that visitors can easily fill their entire day with a range of holistic activities.
  • Dalga Beach in Ortakent is particularly popular among locals due to the various events it hosts, such as shopping for local designers, morning yoga classes, casual dining in the garden, and end-of-the-day parties at the bar.
  • As well as displaying artworks and historical artifacts, the beach in Aspat Holiday Village offers excellent swimming conditions and relaxation in a setting like no other.
Xuma Village

Hotel beaches

Why go: The facilities are always well taken care of as a part of larger property. Guests can take advantage of other services, such as parking, beach bars, and restaurants.

What to consider: Priority is given to hotel guests so the place of your choice might not always have availability, even when trying to book in advance.

  • As the majority of beach clubs in Bodrum offer mandatory entertainment, Silent Beach at Kempinski Bodrum Bay is a sought-after alternative. No kids, no phones, and no loud talking ensures the kind of luxury many are willing to pay a premium for. Since priority is given to hotel guests, contact the hotel for details.  
  • Macakizi is where the young and the beautiful come to play in Göltürkbükü. The crowd wakes up late, so the afternoon happy hour is the best place to mingle and observe.
  • Located at No:81 Hotel, Daze claims that it’s never too early to party, promising plenty of excitement with its selective lineup, beachfront restaurant, and over-the-top decor of the bar open until 4am.
  • The well-designed beach at Caresse features double sunbeds which can be turned according to the direction of sun at minimum hassle—a great solution for couples who like to enjoy the sun at different paces.
  • A boutique hotel and a favorite wedding location for the hip Istanbul hip crowd, Flamm in Göltürkbükü, is a one-stop-shop for the view, food, music, and entertainment. Check availability ahead since it might be closed for an event.
  • With lounges and cabins surrounding the sea and the infinity pool, the elegant beach club at the newly opened The Bodrum EDITION pampers their guests with the view and cosmopolitan ambience.