Peştamal: Turkish traditions meet modern designs

Peştamal, Design spotlight

A peştamal is a thin, very absorbent traditional Turkish towel with more than 600 years of history, linked closely with the traditions of early hammams.

Inspired by the Roman baths, the first Turkish hammams were built in the 14th century. More than hot steam rooms and bathing areas, they were also gathering points where one could meet and relax with family and friends, and even celebrate weddings and births. These hammams were secluded places for both physical and emotional cleansing.

In the 15th century, Anatolian craftsmen began to weave tow­els using the same technique they applied to carpet weaving. Using loops which allowed the towels to soak up water faster, the craftsmen created peştamal that were lightweight, absorbent and fast-drying; ideal for the humid hammams.

The colorful, soft towels have survived the centuries. Today, the tradition of peştamal meets contemporary design and modern perception. Beyond hammams, the range of eye-catching colors and patterns make them func­tional throughout everyday life and a perfect travel companion: as picnic blankets or tablecloths, a warm winter scarf, a sweat wickers at yoga class, a sleeping companion, or as towels for a long day at the seaside.

Once handwoven with cotton, peştamal can also be made from linen and bamboo. In addition to being eco-friendly and durable, bamboo peştamal defy uncom­fortable static.

Peştamal, Design spotlight

Along with the new materials, de­signs have also evolved from the original (and now chicly vintage) stripes and plaids. Reinterpreted peştamal exceed imagination: young, hip statements, contrast­ing colors, wild geometric pat­terns, or minimalist ones in pale, demure tones.

Today, many peştamal are made by creative artisans, using ancient tra­ditions. Whether you enjoy tradi­tional patterns or a energetic vibes, you can find one for any occasion.

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Peştamal, Design spotlight

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