Top 7 local foods

Lokmacı Ana

Bodrum Peninsula offers an interesting variety of cuisines that extend beyond seafood. When exploring the area, you’ll find a plethora of fragrant citrus fruits, sweet candies, clever meze and toothsome savories that make the tongue tingle and stomach rumble. Here are some of the best, and where to sample them

Sebzeli Döner

A mix of seasonal, fresh and regional vegetables and meat, marinated with a special sauce. Head to the famous Şirin Döner for the best version. Çarşı Mahallesi 7. Sokak No.39, BodrumT: (0252) 313 60

Stuffed zucchini blossoms

This healthy, bright and toothsome meze is best enjoyed at Komodor where you’ll find several other creative mezes to go with it. Doktor Mümtaz Ataman Caddesi Rasattepe Sokak No.11/A, BodrumT: (0252) 313 75 55

Turkish Delight with Satsuma

Satsuma is a local species of mandarin orange, and the Turkish delight made with it is unique and super delicious. Buy the Bodrum lokum brand at ÇıngıloğluMerkez Mahallesi Atatürk Bulvarı No.33, Konacık, Bodrum; T: (0252) 319 25

Bergamot Jam

This fragrant preserve is made from the same citrus that flavors Earl Grey Tea and is the perfect souvenir to take from Bodrum for the long Sunday brunches back home. Available at Lokmacı Ana and Café MandarinLokmacı Ana Gümüşlük Otopark içi, GümüşlükT: 0531 898 91 84Cafe Mandarin Yalı Kıyısı İskele yanı, Gümüşlük T: 0505 887 62 41

Çökertme Kebabı

There is no proper translation for this kebab variety that is unique to Bodrum. Just envision lean slices of veal topped with extremely thin crunchy fries and drizzled with yogurt. Best enjoyed at Bodrum Mantıİnönü Caddesi No.147, GöltürkbüküT: (0252) 377 51

Ice cream at Bitez Dondurmacısı

Made with all-natural, organic ingredients, the ice cream and sorbet selection at Bitez (with branches all over Bodrum) is hard to beat. Atatürk Caddesi No.48, Bitez; T: (0252) 363 93 45

Regional Herbs and Vegetables at Kısmet Lokantası

The home-cooked meals on offer are addictive, and their selection of vegetarian dishes made with local and seasonal herbs and vegetables will make even the most determined meat-lovers go for seconds. Merkez Kaptan Çelebi Sokak No.3/1 Konacık, BodrumT: (0252) 319 00 96

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