Bodrum Makarnacı by Koko, Bitez

Since 2012, Bodrum Makarnacı (pasta maker) has been dedicated to perfecting the one staple food that everyone associates with Italian cuisine. This is how a niche was found that transformed a little, boutique cafe into an all-day restaurant and full-grown pasta-making business that also sells its flagship products for you to make at home.

Bodrum Makarnacı’s menu has everything you need for a light summer lunch or dinner, and in the afternoons the place rarely stays empty. From comforting classics (bolognese, carbonara, pesto) to local flavors (eggplant, artichoke) to lasagna, tortellini, and gluten-free options, you are spoiled for choice. The place offers a plethora of options as far as pasta is concerned, but the menu doesn’t end there: for a starter you can enjoy one of the rich salads, and if you’re dining like an Italian and consider a plate of pasta merely an entrée, there are also meat dishes and traditional Italian desserts to top off your meal.

Open daily, 10am-11pm.

Bitez Mahallesi, Adliye Caddesi No.60, Bodrum; T: (0252) 363 91 14

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