Sports in Bodrum: keeping up with your favorite routine
Whether staying fit or seeking adventure, there are all sorts of sports in Bodrum. From swimming, running, or hiking to water sports and equestrianism, the peninsula is a place of action.


Swimming is a no-brainer in Bodrum. On a peninsula surrounded by crystal blue waters you can easily find great places to swim, no matter where you’re based. If sea waves are outside your comfort zone, most of the gated communities, hotels, and resorts have their own pools suitable for any weather conditions (indoor, outdoor, heated). Of course, access to the sea is free (except for private beaches), while pools come with an entrance fee. 

Water sports

You don’t have to be staying in a waterfront resort to pick up one of many adventurous water sports. Sail Loft Surf Shack in Gündoğan is a great place to start. Offering windsurfing lessons since 2000, it is one of the most established places in the area.

Wind Academy in Yalıkavak has something for windsurfing enthusiasts of all levels. To learn more call 0532 391 79 87.

If you have your own equipment, Bitez and Turgutreis are other areas you might want to consider for your adventures. 


Running is another activity that’s easy to keep up with on the peninsula, whether you prefer to stick to your own pace or take it up as a part of a group. You can find your partners in crime via Sweaters app or @bodrunners Instagram page, which also announces local events, marathons, and everything else you need to know about running in Bodrum.

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Here are some running routes to try out:

  • Turgutreis-Gümüşlük (6K) – Connecting road among tall trees will take you to some excellent breakfast places along the way. 
  • Turgutreis-Kadıkalesi (4K) – Start at Kadıkalesi Beach and continue along the coast towards Turgutreis.
  • Ortakent-Yahşi (8K) – Ortakent neighborhood’s shaded streets will lead you all the way to Yahşi beach. 
  • Kumbahçe Bodrum Marina (6K) – From Zeki Müren Museum to Bodrum Marina, passing by the former Halikarnas Club location. 
  • Nature route in Yalıçiftlik (8K) – Choose Kızılağaç as your starting point and continue on one of the green paths in the area.
  • Torba coastline (2-3K) – Starting from Voyage Hotel, you can either go left or right, and return depending on your  fitness level.  

For those seeking a challenge, several runs of different length and difficulty levels take place every year: 


Hiking around Bodrum has never been easier thanks to the Leleg Route project, which marked the most interesting nature walks and made the routes easy to follow. In the meantime, you can look out for the signs and follow the routes near you. Lukka Outdoor offers adventurous hikes on the Carian Trail near Uyku Valley and Etrim Village. To learn more call 0545 335 43 74; or visit


Yoga classes can be found across Bodrum as new practice centers are opening every month. In the summer, hotels offer special wellness programs involving international teachers. One such example is Lujo Hotel in Güvercinlik, which hosts morning yoga session and private lessons. Another interesting alternative is yoga cruise, a one-week small group sailing excursion that includes yoga classes twice a day. Trips are organized by Captain Jack Yachting, which can also provide tailor-made services. For more info visit


For CrossFit enthusiasts in Bodrum the choice (or lack thereof) is simple, with only one official CrossFit box in the area. CrossFit Kırksekiz in Bitez ensures you have all the support you need for your routine. Adliye Caddesi Forsa İs Merkezi No.1, A/1 Blok, Bitez; T: 0252 363 01 88

Horseback riding

If you prefer to stay dry and in nature, horseback riding might be an ideal option for you. Country Ranch in Turgutreis is one of the best-known horse riding establishments in the area, and also serves as a dog breeding and training facility. For more information visit

Palresidence Bodrum in Gökçebel has horses and ponies, plus a breakfast service, a pet zoo, and an outdoor pool where you can spend the rest of your day. For more information call 0530 829 92 30