Best places for Turkish breakfast in Bodrum
Traditional country-style Turkish breakfast is not only the first meal of the day. It’s the ultimate excuse to start the day right by gathering loved ones around the table and celebrating the moment. Take your time to dig into every item offered, you might discover a new personal favorite.

Kuytu Bahçe

  • Location: A family operated venture tucked into the orchards of Bitez, with a garden setup for small and large groups.
  • Breakfast: Dishes are ade of homemade bread, butter,  jams, sa well as herbs and vegetables from their own garden.
  • Address:Fatih Sultan Mehmet Caddesi No.35, Bitez; T: 0542 586 15 68; I: @kuytubahce

Dirmil Köy Kahvaltısı

Dirmil Köy Kahvaltısı, Yalıkavak
  • Location: A boutique discovery that makes you feel as if you’re dining in your friend’s garden.
  • Breakfast: While everything is scrumptious, you won’t be able to get enough of that butter!
  • Address: Yukarı Mahallesi No.142, Gökçebel Köyü, Yalıkavak; T: 0544 418 25 49

Seval’in Yeri

  • Location: Easy to spot from the Ortakent-Yalıkavak road, this gem offers several tables tucked between the trees of a little orchard.
  • Breakfast: There are plenty of choices, and they’re all delicious. You’ll be dreaming about those jams long after summer is over.
  • Address: Yalıkavak Yolu, Dağbelen Kavşağı No.98, Bodrum; T:0252 386 42 35

Havva Ana

Havva Ana
  • Location: With a covered dining area, this location is ideal for rainy as well as sunny days.
  • Breakfast: Flatbread and börek with spinach that Havva Ana makes in front of her guests are reason alone to visit.
  • Address: Ertürk Sokak No.18/1, Gökçebel Köyü, Yalıkavak; T: 0252 386 33 06

Pal Residence

Pal Residence
  • Location: The rustic, eclectic setting is the perfect backdrop for your lazy meal, as well as your Instagram frame.
  • Breakfast: Traditional breakfast staple foods are all there. Afterwards, you can burn those extra calories at a horse riding class offered onsite.
  • Address: Gökçebel Köyü, Gebeş Dağı Mevkii, Dirmil Mahallesi, Özgül Sokak No.9, Yalıkavak; T: 0530 829 92 30

Asmalı Çardak

  • Location: An atmospheric 150-year-old home turned restaurant with indoor and outdoor seats in a shaded garden.
  • Breakfast: Homemade leek börek is an absolute must try.
  • Address: Kayacık Caddesi No.52, Sandıma Yolu, Yalıkavak; T: 0533 568 63 33


  • Location: Very spacious area just off the road to Yalıkavak, with a tranquil view of a green valley.
  • Breakfast: Black Sea regional treats such as mıhlama (cornmeal and cheese fondue) make all the difference.
  • Address: Türkmen Mevkii, 150. Sokak No.9/1, Yalıkavak;T: 0532 336 50 13
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