Dibeklihan Culture And Art Village

In the days of the Silk Road, it was vital that travelers had places to rest along the long route from China to Istanbul. As the sun began to set, the traders would bring their animals loaded with precious goods to a caravansary or han. There they would find a roof, a bed, and hot food. As importantly they would be able to share jokes and stories of the road with other traders. Coming to the 21st century, Dibeklihan Culture and Art Village is reviving the artistic side of these caravansaries for travelers in Bodrum.

Çanak Çömlek, Dibeklihan

Dibeklihan is located near Yakaköy, on the road between Bodrum and Yalıkavak. In keeping with the spirit of an Ottoman han, Dibeklihan combines food, drink, art, traditional crafts, and accommodation. The structure of Dibeklihan is also faithful to the han concept, with a central courtyard surrounded by shops and restaurants. The courtyard is the meeting point for open-air exhibitions, concerts, and performances – but guests can always retreat to a room or table when they want some privacy. Local ceramics artist Tevfik Karagözoğlu produces Japanese raku ware pottery in his Çanak Çömlek store, while the Özlen Ayata Design Atelier produces handmade necklaces with silver and leather, as well as belts, bags, and accessories.

Kumaşçı, Dibeklihan

Kumaşçı sells silk, cotton, and felt products made locally in Anatolia. The shop Ivır Zıvır, whose names means “bits and pieces,” offers exactly that: assorted home accessories and decorations from different regions of Anatolia.
As you walk around the courtyard of Dibeklihan, even the walls are ornamented with colorful symbols of Bodrum’s living heritage, from the Anatolian Greeks to the Persian empire that receded before Alexander the Great. But perhaps the greatest art on view at Dibeklihane is the surrounding landscape, whose wooded hills speak of a thousand adventures in the golden light of Bodrum.

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Dibeklihan Culture and Arts Village, Yakaköy Çilek Caddesi No.46/2, Ortakent, Bodrum, T: 0532 527 76 49